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January 07 2015

Fitness Training Myths For Women

Basically had a dime each and every time I heard a female say she didn't want her fitness routine to include big names over concern with bulking up, I'd be a very rich man! Obviously, they keep hitting those cardio machines hoping to "change" their health, unaware that it's not going to get them the final results they really want. Sure it may shrink their waistlines, yet, if your goal is to affect the form of the body, you need to lift weights regularly. One of the main reasons why women can't (naturally) get buff like men is because don't produce testosterone. vaughan fitness bootcamp

Another myth, weight training increase your breast size. Unfortunately ladies, it will not! The only way to accomplish that would be to gain weight (fat) and have breast surgery. However that does not mean you should not weight train your chest, it helps to tone up the muscles around your breast, a location that girls often complain in my experience about.

Another myth, weight lifting can make the body stiff. Quite the opposite! Exercises like deadlifts and chin-up are only able to help your flexibility.
womens fitness training
A fourth myth, if you stop weight training, muscle you build will become fat. Not true. Muscles and fat are far too separate tissues. If the seems like it's going on (or a friend or acquaintance) remember that when you stop weight lifting, you typically get off track on your own diet and commence gaining fat. This can be works the other way around, when you are weight lifting you are not turning fat into muscle. You're losing fat and boosting your muscle.

Fifth myth, weight training exercise enables you to eat whatever you desire. Wow, should i ever wish that one was true! Granted, it can get down to burning more calories than you consume daily, to get rid of fat. SO if you are training 2-3 hours per day, it is possible to probably consume more foods than most people rather than gain weight.

A growing number of women are using weights regularly in terms of creating their fitness training programs. Its important to not only do cardio but additionally strength train on the regularly basis. Combining this using a nutritious diet and supplements will surely enable you to get within the best shape you've ever been in, IF you are consistent!

In case you have never had an effective fitness training curriculum, I recommend you hire a fitness trainer or buy fitness workouts online that breaks down the exercises at length.

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